What we do

we get your goods from anywhere to anywhere

transporting your stuff by any means necessary

here are the ways we get it there

by land

trucks & trains

Your products are your babies—and we treat them like so. If you need your freight to move on a truck, train or yes, even a wheelbarrow, our team can and will accommodate.

by air

cargo planes

Over 87,000 planes take off in the US daily. Somehow, organizing a shipment on one of them can seem as impossible as a flying elephant. It’s not and we can help! And we swear this picture is real (or so we are told).

by sea

shipyards & freight

When your freight comes from overseas, it’s time to put away the toys and get serious about logistics. Consider us your captain of coordination.  Every U.S port is our friend.

all of our services


Dry Van, Reefer or Flatbed? Each Greenleaf carrier is carefully selected using our 5 step carrier selection process, so your products don’t end up in Tallahassee when they are supposed to be in Chicago!


A term coined from the use of dray horses to transport goods, drayage still requires its experts to work like Clydesdales. We’ll pick up stuff in any port and get it to your warehouse in a jiff.


If you’re operating on a healthy timeline and under a stricter budget, shipping by rail is the best way to go. Greenleaf keeps freight shipments of any size on the right track—both literally and figuratively.


If your warehouse is out of space or you need to find a new one, we’re up to the challenge. Greenleaf has warehouses throughout the U.S  (and yes we have a warehouse in Alaska in case you were wondering).

less than truckload

Smaller shipments are still a big responsibility. That’s why we only use top-tier national, regional, and local LTL carriers capable of fair, competitive pricing on a shipment by shipment basis. We welcome any LTL request with open arms.